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the Forbush Bird Club of Worcester, MA
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Here are reports from our most recent trips



Wachusett Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

Leader: Joan Gallagher. Observers: 10. Weather: Sunny, 58 degrees to start ending with a sunny high of 76 degrees. Highlights: Green Heron seen at the pond during the drive in along the road. The majority of the birds were heard and seen dashing about from the parking lot near the bird feeders and the nearby trees; including a stunning and brightly colored European Starling posing atop a tree in the sunlight, an American Redstart and Scarlet Tanager. Young Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were feeding in a tree located off the field in back of the parking lot. And like last year, we found a Monarch caterpillar sitting on a milkweed plant and Porcupines were seen in the trees.

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Richard Scarlet
Wachusett Reservoir IBA

The Forbush Bird Club had a nice trip around the Wachusett Reservoir IBA on Saturday 7/21. We did our yearly hike into Gate 35 in Sterling to observe the recently fledged Bald Eagles and Common Loons. Unfortunately, it looks like the Bald Eagle nest has fallen down during the recent storms. However, there were two very healthy looking fledglings perched in a nearby pine. We located a pair of Common Loons with 2 fledglings in the northeast portion of the reservoir. We did not have time to check locations in the south. Other highlights included 2 recently fledged Barred Owls, 2 Bonaparte’s Gulls, and an Eastern Wood-Pewee on its tiny nest in the middle of a tree branch.

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Richard Scarlet
Birds & Butterflies with Mass. Butterfly Club, Leicester

Leader: Dolores Price.

Weather: Mostly sunny, 73-83 degrees, light variable wind.

Ten participants enjoyed a beautiful summer morning for our annual Forbush Bird Club / Massachusetts Butterfly Club field trip in Leicester. Locations visited were Route 56 west of Worcester Airport, the path from Mulberry Street to the Friends Cemetery (“Spider Gates”), and the Mulberry Street field.

Many thanks to Andy Wojcikowski for keeping the bird list.

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Richard Scarlet
Ware River Watershed IBA

Leaders: Donna Schilling and Dave Grant
Weather:  Mostly sunny and humid, 72 to 79 degrees; north wind 4 MPH gusty at times
Seventeen participants enjoyed a summer-like morning at the Ware River Watershed IBA. Locations visited were the Army Corps of Engineers’ property north of Barre Falls Dam, Brigham Road at the river’s West Branch, Coldbrook Road, Reuben Walker Road at Stevens Brook, Prison Camp Road, and Intervale Road at Longmeadow Brook.
Highlights included twelve species of breeding warblers, two baby Wood Ducks, and the Barre Falls Common Ravens. Surprisingly, no raptors were observed. One Field Sparrow, heard singing from the upper field at the Dam, is the first recorded on this trip over the past six years.
Many thanks to everyone for help finding and identifying the birds!

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Richard Scarlet
Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Protocol: Traveling 3.362 mile(s)
Annual Forbush Bird Club Mother’s Day Mt Auburn Walk
Leader: Dan Berard Participants:26

Overcast conditions but lots of birds and some excellent looks!

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Richard Scarlet