Forbush Bird Club
the Forbush Bird Club of Worcester, MA
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Here are reports from our most recent trips



North Worcester Parks

Eleven participants joined this trip to North Worcester Parks. This is a new trip on the Forbush calendar. Stops were at:  Dodge Park, Greenhill Park, Burncoat Park.

Richard Scarlet
New Year's Walk/Worcester

On 1/1/17 John Shea lead 10 club members on our New Year’s trip around Worcester. Some highlights were Common Goldeneye, Bald Eagle,  Red Tail, and  a Raven heard by John Liller. We saw 21 species. We didn’t see the Peregrine downtown but it is around.

Richard Scarlet
Salisbury Beach/Parker River NWR

Date: Nov 13th  Participants: 9     Weather:  mostly sunny. Temp:  40’s to stat to near 60 in afternoon. Sites included Salisbury Beach State Park, Joppa Flats,  Parker River NWR, Cherry Hill and Artichoke Reservoirs in West Newbury. Highlights: good raptors. 2 Rough-legged hawks, Merlin, Northern harriers and Red-tails.  Notable miss:  Pink-footed goose.

Richard Scarlet
Wachusett IBA trip

Eleven participants.
  Stops:  River Road, Muddy Pond, The Quag and West Waushacum at Gates Road, Central MA Rail Trail in Sterling at Cider Mill, East Waushacum at Sholan Beach, Coachlace Pond.
  Wachusett Reservoir:  Gates 36, 37, 39, Clinton Dam, Mile Hill, Gate 8, Scar Hill Road, Gate 17, Gate 25.


Richard Scarlet
Bolton Flats

Leader: Kevin Bourinot
9 members of the Forbush Bird Club had an excellent trip through Bolton Flats and Lancaster Wildlife Management Areas this morning. The wind picked up as the morning progressed, but we still all managed great looks at a wide variety of species. Temps ranged from 36 to 60F with clear skies.


Richard Scarlet
Wachusett Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton

Leader:  Joan Gallagher.  
Observers:  11.  Weather:  Sunny, 55 degrees to start ending with a high of 77 degrees.   Highlights:  A close look at various migrating fall Warblers feeding in one tree just above eye level, two American Kestrels, a very colorful Merlin and a large porcupine in the same tree as seen on last year’s trip.


Richard Scarlet
Worcester Airport

On8/25/16 John Shea lead 12 members on a trip to the Rte. 56 overlook of the Worcester Airport to look for Common Nighthawks. We saw 12 Species. Best trip there yet - we saw 146 Nighthawks.


Richard Scarlet
Wachusett Reservoir

Four members of the Forbush Bird Club had a great trip around Wachusett Reservoir this morning. Lots of breeding and post breeding activity all around. After hours of searching and hiking we were able to locate a pair of Common Loons with 2 recently fledged young.


Richard Scarlet