Forbush Bird Club
the Forbush Bird Club of Worcester, MA
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Here are reports from our most recent trips



Salisbury State Park and Parker River NWR

Weather started out fair and cool, warming to 40s with calm wind.  Cloudy and light breeze in the p.m.  11 participants including leaders.  56 species including  2 unknown raptors.  Numbers are mostly estimated.

Species (56):

Red-necked grebe(1)
Double-crested cormorant(many)
Mute swan(3)
Canada Goose (many,many)
Brant (16)
American widgeon (24)
Green-winged teal(30)
American black duck(many)
Northern pintail(20)
Lesser scaup(2)
Common Eider(many)
Black scoter(5)
Surf scoter (4)
White-winged scoter(many)
Hooded merganser(12)
Red-breasted merganser(1)
Great blue heron(3)
Bald Eagle(1)
Northern harrier(3)
Cooper’s hawk(2)
Red-tailed hawk(1)
Peregrin falcon(2)
American coot(1)
Greater yellowlegs (4)
Lesser yellowlegs(2)
Black-bellied plover (13)
Ring-billed gull(many)
Great black-backed gull(4)
Herring gull(many)
Red-throated loon(many)
Common loon(12-at least)
Rock pigeon(unk)
Mourning dove(4)
Blue jay(2)
American crow(6)
Hermit thrush(1)
American robin(4)
Northern mockingbird(3)
European starling(1 very large  flock)
Black-capped chickadee(1)
Horned lark(30+)
American goldfinch(6)
House finch(unk)
Common yellowthroat(1)
Snow bunting(20+)
Song sparrow(4)
Savannah Sparrow(2)(1 IPSWICH SS)
American tree sparrow(14)
Northern cardinal(1)
Raptor sp. (2)

(Report submitted by Dick Knowlton)

Richard Scarlet