Forbush Bird Club
the Forbush Bird Club of Worcester, MA
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Here are reports from our most recent trips



DCR-Kristof Farm, Sterling

Weather: mostly sunny, mild, light winds.    12 participants.   Leaders: Peg and Dick Knowlton  ?? where were the orioles.    Amazingly only 1 Ovenbird.    Great looks at the warblers and grosbeaks.

Species 42:

Turkey vulture (1)
Broad-winged hawk(1)
Red-tailed hawk(3)
Wild Turkey(1)
Mourning dove(1)
Black-billed cuckoo(1- possible 2)
Yellow-billed cuckoo(1)
Downy woodpecker(1)
Northern Flicker(1)
Eastern wood-pewee(2)
Eastern phoebe(1)
Eastern kingbird(1)
Blue jay(2)
Black-capped chickadee(11)
Tufted titmouse(1)
House wren(5)
Wood thrush(1)
American robin(6)
Gray catbird(everywhere)
Cedar waxwing(6)
Red-eyed vireo(6)
Blue-winged warbler(5)
Yellow warbler(2)
Chestnut warbler(5)
Pine warbler(1)
Black and white warbler(3)
American redstart(8)
Common yellowthroat(too many to count- 2 dozen plus)
Scarlet tanager(2)
Northern cardinal(2)
Rose-breasted grosbeak(3)
Indigo bunting(2)
Eastern towhee(12)
Chipping sparrow(2)
Song sparrow(4)
Red-winged blackbird(4)
Brown-headed cowbird(1)
House finch(4)
American goldfinch(4)
House sparrow(3).

Submitted by Dick Knowlton

Richard Scarlet