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Here are reports from our most recent trips



Common Night Hawks Rte 56

On 8/23/18 John Shea lead 10 members on a Common Night Hawk trip to the RT 56 overlook. We saw 68 Night hawks. We had clear blue sky, light wind and temps in the 70s.

We had 15 species:

2 Killdeer
10 Morning Dove
68 Common Night Hawks
3 Chimney Swifts
8 Blue Jay
3 A. Crows
9 Barn Swallows
1 Starling
3 Savannah Sparrows
37 Bobolinks
3 Red-wing Blackbirds
2 Eastern Meadowlark
1 Brown headed Cowbird
5 Northern Orioles
5 A. Goldfinch

Trip report by John Shea

Richard Scarlet