Forbush Bird Club
the Forbush Bird Club of Worcester, MA
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Here are reports from our most recent trips




On 1/1/2019 John Shea lead 11 members on a New Year’s day trip around Worcester. The weather was warm in the low 50s but it was very windy. We saw 19 species.

Canada Geese 148
Black Duck 7
Mallard Duck 85
Hooded Merganser 19
Common Merganser 83 most at Indian Lake
Great Blue Heron 2
Red tail Hawk 3
Peregrine Falcon 2
Ring biller Gull 86
Herring Gull 9
Rock Pigeon 30
Morning Dove1
Belted Kingfisher 2
A.Crow 76
Robin 27
Starling 32
Song Sparrow 1
Dark eyed Junco 5
Finch 3

(Trip report from John Shea)

Richard Scarlet