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The Chickadee

The Chickadee


The Chickadee is the annual publication of the Forbush Bird Club.

It includes bird sightings reported by Club members, during Forbush trips and on other occasions.

Such compiled sighting data becomes a valuable resource for everyone interested in the status and health of the birds in our ecosystem.

The Chickadee publications from 1931 to 2013 are available on CD for $5.00. Contact Rick Quimby at or 508-853-5021 for ordering and shipping details. 


Submit Sightings for The Chickadee

The annual compilation of sightings found in our annual publication,  The Chickadee, relies on members submitting checklists and reports to the Editor-in Chief, as well as reporting sightings on the internet and eBird. Please support us by continuing this tradition. (See special note about The Chickadee below.)

Submit 2016 Bird Sightings by January 15, 2017, for inclusion in the Club’s members’ publication, The Chickadee. There are two ways to submit your sightings.

·  Send your reports via eBird (preferred).
·  Or, download the Excel checklist below, list your sightings, save the file, and email it to the Editor. (Emailing address will be provided shortly.)


Thanks for your help in making The Chickadee such a valued publication!


Publication of our annual journal, The Chickadee, has been significantly delayed because of unforeseen circumstances.  Club Officers have been seeking a solution that works for all. In the meantime, please continue to use eBird and/or the Club’s Checklist to list your Worcester County Bird Sightings and save your data to a medium that will allow future downloads or sharing.
·      eBird signup and instructions for new users may be found here. Click on “Submit Observations”, then on “Create an Account.”
·       The Checklist Links to the Excel and PDF versions can be found above.
Please watch your email, this website, and our Facebook page for updated information.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.