Forbush Bird Club
the Forbush Bird Club of Worcester, MA
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Forbush Bird Club - Who We Are

The Forbush Bird Club
  of Worcester, MA


Our Background and Journal

The Forbush Bird Club was established in 1931, being named after Edward Howe Forbush (1858-1929), author of Birds of Massachusetts and Other New England States (1925), and state ornithologist from 1908-1920. The aim of the Forbush Bird Club is to promote the study of birds with relation to their distribution, ecology, food requirements and population; and to promote a desire for the conservation of all our natural resources.

The club publishes an annual journal of Worcester County Ornithology, The Chickadee, which chronicles the affairs of the club, reporting items of interest concerning Worcester County birds. Patterns of occurrence of birds throughout the year are reported, with special attention to early or late records, and unusual numbers or behavior. The current Editorial Committee consists of Kevin Bourinot (editor-in-chief), Dan Berard, Sheila Carroll, Rodney S. Jenkins, Mark Lynch, Alan Marble, Paul Meleski, Thomas Pirro, and Joan Zumpfe. Editors Emeritus are Bradford G. Blodget and John F. Williams. For Chickadee contact information please see the "Reports & Sightings | The Chickadee" page.


Club Officers

  • President: Dick Knowlton Gardner, MA

  • 1st Vice President: Diane Abbott Shrewsbury, MA

  • 2nd Vice President Bette Robo Worcester, MA

  • Secretary Deb Berard Millbury, MA

  • Treasurer Barton Kamp Worcester, MA

  • Members at large - Jim Hogan Northboro, MA
    - Dave Grant Worcester, MA
    - Donna Schilling Acton, MA


Constitution of the Forbush Bird Club

Our past Presidents

1931-1935    W. Elmer Ekblaw*
1935-1938    Raymond J. Gregory*
1938-1939    Harry C. Parker*
1939-1948    Lloyd S. Jenkins*
1948-1952    David K. Wetherbee*
1952-1954    Olive P. Wetherbee*
1954-1963    Lloyd S. Jenkins*
1963-1969    Davis H. Crompton*
1969-1971    Bradford G. Blodget
1971-1973    George E. Maloney
1973-1975    Nancy M. Ober*
1975-1977    Edward Plotkin
1977-1978    Rodney S. Jenkins
1978-1979    Robert Aiello
1979-1981    Norman E. Muller
1981-1983    Mark M. Blazis
1983-1985    John F. Williams
1985-1987    Francis X. McMenemy*
1987-1997    Ralph Richards
1997-1998    Robert Ricci
1999-2002    Richard Hildreth
2002-2007    Joan Zumpfe
2007-2009    John C. Root
2009-2013    Alan Marble